About QC Theatre

Photo credit: Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

We are a virtual community

This was a wild and crazy idea by our founder, Christine C. She made a group, we joined and voted on a play. Auditions were emailed. Casting was posted.

Here we go.

The members as of early 2020 are:

Alicia W.
Allison C.
Amanda K

Andrew R
Ashley H
Bre B
Bruce C
Camryn T
Cassandra M
Catrina D
Charlie S
Chase B
Christine C – Founder, director, producer.
Conor M
Dana P
Dustin A
Eddie N
El R
Emily S
George M
Hallie P
Heidi N
James M
Jenn B
Jennifer McCown – Beatrice, Benedick, webmaster B
Jennifer N
Jon G
Julia W
Karen K – Leonato
Kat C
Kat M
Kate G
Kathleen M
Katie C
Kaylee S
Killian C
Kimberly S
Kirsten O
Kitty O
Leland K
Leslie K
Lori P
Lucy H
Melisa C
Mumbi Y
Nathan O
Rebekah L
Rose W
Sara D
Sarah B
Sarah O
Sarah S
Stephanie K
Talia D
TaryAnn T
Thomas T
Vivian V
Zac Welsh

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