Much Ado…About Nothing!

It is complete! We had weeks of bliss and laughs and scrounging for costumes and props, and here is the highly polished, completely professional and absolutely serious production of Shakespeare’s comedy, “Much Ado About Nothing”!

Please, please, please let us know how you enjoyed the play! And be sure to stick around for the credits…our marvelous editor made them quite fun.

The Play: Part 1

The first half of the First Quarantine Community Theatre production: Much Ado About Nothing! We cut our teeth on this and learned a lot 🙂 In lieu of a costumer, we dug into our closets, and our sets are made of blankets, trash bags and table cloths. You know what they say: adversity is the mother of invention!

The Play: Part 2

The second half of The Quarantine Community Theatre’s production of Much Ado About Nothing

The Play: Trivia!

Note: Some of this trivia is wrong, and will be corrected. Probably.

  • Jon “Antonio”‘s original beard is crocheted. We think.
  • Don John (aka “Don D***weed”) reads from the following books: “How to make friends with Demons”; “B******T: Release your anger” coloring book; “Everybody Scream”; and more.
  • The evil trio. Are so. Evil. SEWWWW EVILLLLL.
  • Karen “Leonato”‘s sparkly mask is her “party mask”.
  • Vivian “Beatrice” actually does have the power to leap through the screen and strangle people, so…caution.
  • Beatrice’s book in the garden is “Buckland’s Classic Guide to Witchcraft”.

Photo credit: David Anderson on Unsplash


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