Quarantine Community Theatre Project

We’re social distancing and learning lines like mad.

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Thank you, Dear Director

Any theatre production is a difficult matter to organize and run. This, our very first Quarantine Community Theatre project, has been several times more difficult in many ways: the stress of the world on lockdown, finding the right technology for rehearsals, scheduling those rehearsals across several time zones and states,figuring out the logistics of setting…

Need your Shakespeare fix? Here.

Rehearsals have begun for the QCTheatre’s production of Much Ado About Nothing, but we understand if you’re feeling edgy and wanting a bit of the Bard NOW. So here you are! For bite-sized Bard, see Sir Patrick Stewart’s ongoing recordings of Shakespeare’s sonnets. So far, he’s done: Sonnet 1Sonnet 2Sonnet 3Sonnet 4Sonnet 5 – skipped…

Welcome to Quarantine Community Theatre!

What is this? An attempt at online community theory during a time of isolation…namely, the 2020 COVID-19 scare. We’re going to start with some Shakespeare, from the safety of our own hidey-holes, and see where it goes from there. Hold fast to dreams… Credit to Peter Lewicki on Unsplash for the front page photo.

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